Family Law

family law
Dealing with divorce, separation, child custody, and child support issues is a highly charged emotional time. Whether you work on a fishing boat or have three advanced degrees, you should not handle this on your own. I will help you understand the big picture, work with you on how best to approach your case. If you can’t afford representation in court, I can help you better represent yourself through limited assistance representation.


Debt Relief & Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with debt or have stopped answering your phone because of endless calls from debt collectors you’re not alone. While debt collectors have a right to be paid,there are legal protections available to you to minimize or stop those calls and other protections that may help you with your debt.  Many people in your situation have found relief in the federal bankruptcy laws. Let me help you determine the paths available to your situation. I will review the options with you, help you understand the process, and file in the federal bankruptcy court if that is the path you choose.

Important Notice: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code

Probate Administration


The death of a loved one can be overwhelming.  Despite feelings of grief and loss, there are so many things to take care of, including dealing with the legal necessities of probate. Even more complicating is the fact that Massachusetts changed its probate laws in 2012 changing all the forms, the processes and even the terms everyone had been familiar with. I will explain what needs to be done, help you understand the how probate administration works, and work with you to do all or some of the legal legwork needed to ensure your loved one’s requests are addressed.

Elder Law & Mass Health Eligibility

bigstock-Happy-Elderly-Woman-webPlanning for the time when your parents need extra care in the home or out is something that is best done in advance. Mass Health (Medicaid in Massachusetts) has detailed requirements concerning assets and income. With few exceptions, assets transferred within 5 years of the application are not exempt from consideration. Making the wrong moves now could result in ineligibility for the help and support Mass Health provides. I can help you understand the requirements and create the plan, and when the time is right, prepare the application.

Civil Litigation